Sharing ASICS positive impact

Translating ASICS vision into strategy and communication

ASICS wants to inspire more people to move their bodies and minds to create a stronger world. How to translate this vision towards a sustainability strategy and later communication? Together with the ASICS teams, globally and locally, we tackled that challenge by starting with the update of their materiality assessment.

Towards a focused materiality assessment

As ASICS 2016-2020 sustainability strategy ended, we supported them on next phase of their journey. In 2019, we started with developing an updated, more focused materiality assessment. This informed and supported ASICS 2020-2025 sustainability strategy and created a new level of engagement with external stakeholders. Internally, it created connections between the sustainability team and many others across the organization.

Continous collaboration

We continue to support ASICS in driving its sustainability ambitions in line with upcoming legislation and its rising motivation to do better. Together, we take one step closer to a Sound Body and Mind, on a Sound Earth.

Our collaboration extends beyond strategy support. Over the years, we have been helping ASICS to translate their strategy into engaging communication materials and reports, on a global and regional level.

Read more about how we supported ASICS with their sustainability communication here.

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