Walking the sustainability talk with Blokker

What is the dot on the sustainability horizon? How do we get there and who do we need on board? Answering these questions is the challenge that our team is helping Blokker with.

Beyond defining a sustainability strategy 
Blokker, BCC and Intertoys are part of the Mirage Retail Group. A Dutch retail brand that wants to bring fun into the daily lives of its customers in addition to comfort and sustainability. In close collaboration with Blokker’s management, we consulted key stakeholders for an extensive materiality analysis.

Then, we defined the sustainability strategy and empowered Blokker in the tactical implementation. After that, the formulas started working on their own to implement the strategy and continued making progress.

Being a long-term sparring partner 
Our role continues to be a supportive partner for these formulas, departments, and employees during the implementation process. And – as we can’t help ourselves – to being a constructive challenger of their overall sustainability strategy.

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