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How we supported to become a certified B Corporation, one of the largest online retail platforms in the Netherlands and Belgium, just became a certified B Corp. It has been a pleasure for our team to support on their sustainability journey over the last two years.

We are proud of the progress being made, affirming that is on its way to becoming a force for good. The certification also legally embeds’s commitment to high social and environmental standards through the legal requirement, an amendment to the statutes. But, most importantly, B Corp certification offers not their end goal, but a starting point. Sustainability remains a continuous journey, with B Corp being a great milestone.

Below, we share a few of our key insights, challenges and highlights from’s journey so far.

Getting the basics right: least possible impact from organization and supply chain wants to lead in making the e-commerce industry more sustainable. So, they’ve gotten their basics in order. Firstly, has reduced the organization’s impact by powering their facilities almost completely with renewable energy, by setting science-based reduction targets, and by obtaining the Climate Neutral Certification label. Secondly, has taken responsibility for their supply chain: by using efficient multi-packing machines and recycled filling materials, by calculating and offsetting the operational emissions of their 52.000 sales partners, and by cooperating intensively with bicycle courier Cycloon, amongst others. This way, aspires to reduce the negative impact of the organization and the logistical chain as much as possible.

From ‘do no harm’ towards ‘doing good’

But wants to go further. By making the platform become a force for good.

In 2021, we began supporting’s B Corp journey, starting with completing the B Corp assessment for We dived deep into their operations, conducted internal interviews, and analyzed lots of data to complete more than 300 questions on their sustainability performance. This helped us to identify’s key strengths and opportunities for improvement. Over the next year, we created and implemented an action plan to work on the identified gaps.

Together with internal working groups, key improvements were made. Think of increasing local procurement, measuring and improving diversity and inclusion, and expanding internal training at

Verifying impact: is walking the talk?

A final and key step of the B Corp journey is verification. Do you have the proof to substantiate what you’re saying? In 2023, we worked closely with and B Lab on this process. By collecting all supporting documentation and proof points, connecting B Lab to the right stakeholders, and a final essential part: organizing a site visit and employee interviews. Through the visit and interviews, B Lab’s verification analysts had the opportunity to inspect’s practices with their own eyes.



The ripple effect: 52.000 sales partners for positive change

B Corp certification does not reflect only the impact of, but also that of the many stakeholders that depends on.’s 52.000 sales partners selling products via the platform and logistical partners are key in achieving’s sustainable e-commerce goal. already undertakes industry initiatives to leverage partnerships, such as the B Corp shop and offering a sustainability knowledge partner platform for sellers: the sustainability ecosystem. This network includes various pre-selected sustainability agencies, including The Terrace, that offer their sustainability support services to’s sales partners. As a certified B Corp, is set to drive positive change with and within the B Corp movement too.

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