FAIRBIKE: The world's first ethical e-bike

A statement on wheels

More and more people are transitioning to e-bikes. However, the production of e-bike batteries requires precious metals, often mined under dire conditions in countries like South Africa. Particularly, women and girls face abuse, violence, poverty, and a lack of access to clean water, fresh air, and education in this process.

Check out the campaign video below.

ActionAid and The Terrace present: the FAIRBIKE

A socially responsible supply chain is crucial. Therefore, ActionAid launched the FAIRBIKE in May 2023: the first e-bike produced with 100% fair raw materials, fair to both the climate and women’s rights. Our ambassadors, including Geraldine Kemper, teased the FAIRBIKE on- and offline.

Spreading the message

In the center of Amsterdam, we opened a concept store, including a grand launch for press and public. The campaign was rolled out jointly with ambassadors in the Netherlands and South African activists living around the mines.

Too good to be true

During the customer journey, you discover that the FAIRBIKE doesn’t exist. Everyone was then urged to sign ActionAid’s petition, collectively encouraging major e-bike brands to adopt more transparency and policies.

Stronger for change together

To emphasize the urgency, we engaged in conversations with several women. Due to the sensitivity of the subject, we worked on this project with entirely female film and photography crews in both South Africa and the Netherlands. Additionally, we adapted the developed communication materials for use by various organizations in South Africa to further spread the message.

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