Intersnack's 'Honest Cashew'

Transparency from Farm to Table

The cashew supply chain faces numerous challenges, including poor working conditions, child labor, and a lack of transparency. Intersnack, a leading European nuts and chips company, contributes to the solution. To bring this to life for all stakeholders, from private labels to consumers, we created ‘Honest Cashew.’

Check out the campaign video below.

Plant Your Own Cashew Tree with AR

For the consumer campaign and private labels, we developed the world’s first web-based AR experience. Scan the QR code on the packaging and plant your own cashew tree wherever you are. Discover interesting facts about the tree and watch Honest Cashew stories—personal videos from people in the supply chain. These stories lead to the website, where you can track your cashew’s journey and find more information.

A Glimpse into the Cashew Supply Chain

Using videos, photography, and other content, the Honest Cashew campaign takes you on a journey from a cashew farmer in Cambodia to a quality control worker in Vietnam. We demonstrate that fair cashew production ensures a better future for everyone involved in the supply chain.

Communication to All Stakeholders

In addition to consumer-focused communication, we created various tools to promote the project to retailers and other stakeholders. From infographics to brand books, and from presentations to event decorations.

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