'On to the next bottle'

Vrumona wants to close the loop with recycled PET in bottles

Vrumona, soft drink manufacturer and supplier, wants every beverage container to eventually become a new beverage container. Whether it’s plastic, glass, can or cardboard. This is how we get closer and closer to a circular economy. Vrumona increasingly uses recycled PET material (rPET) in their bottles, and is now taking the step of making the entire PET portfolio from 100% rPET.

rPET: one bottle closer to closing the loop

While rPet is currently the most sustainable option, more action is needed. Why? Because material loss is a typical phenomenon in the recycling chain. Consequently, it takes more than one bottle to make one 100% rPET bottle. At some point the demand will be such that we will not have enough rPET available. Then we envision a bottle that will consist partly of mechanically recycled PET, supplemented by chemically recycled PET and bio-based material. Vrumona wants to bring customers and consumers along in this journey. We explain this story in a short video made for Vrumona under the topic ‘On to the next bottle’.

'On to the next bottle' with Vrumona

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