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From intrinsic motivation to sustainability strategy with VRR

What does our client want to achieve in their sustainability strategy and how do they get there? How can we turn intrinsic motivation into strategic goal setting?

VRR has been a specialist in developing and selling fitting and innovative air cargo products worldwide for more than 70 years. Due to their intrinsic motivation to do better, they have been engaged with sustainability for years. Recently, the wish to have a strategy on this topic has grown.

VRR decided they wanted to move towards a well-defined sustainability strategy and a more sustainable positioning. They reach out to us to support them on this journey.

Interactive working sessions towards a strategic framework

VRR put together a team of employees from across the company to help determine the strategy. With that team, we created a strategic framework based on several working sessions. In the initial session, we drew up a vision and determined priority sustainability topics for VRR. We tested these priorities with customers after which a basic framework emerged.

Through the various sessions, the subject was lived through, we tested the vision each time, and ultimately a sustainable ground was laid. One in which VRR can grow sustainably with its products, employees and in its operations.

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