Join the Digital Clean-up Challenge

From March 11 to March 16

As the Agency for positive change, The Terrace is aware of the growing impact of our data traffic and digital storage. That’s why this spring, from March 11 to March 16, we launch the Digital Clean-up Challenge. And because the more people join, the bigger the impact! Download all the communication materials needed to join the challenge below.

Digital Footprint Awareness

Unbelievable but true: our collective digital footprint is larger than that of the entire aviation sector: 3.9% compared to 1.9%! And, the CO2 emissions from our data hunger are estimated to grow to 6% or even up to 14% in 2040. This also means more energy-guzzling data centers, which aren’t exactly easy on the eye…

Digital Clean-up Challenge

That’s why we’re introducing the Digital Clean-up Challenge. Cleaning up can be fun, especially when done together with colleagues, boosting impact, and fostering team spirit. At the Terrace, we lead by example by arranging a collective clean-up afternoon at the office.

Join the challenge