We became an approved EcoVadis Training Partner

29 january 2024

We became an approved EcoVadis Training Partner

The Terrace became an Approved Training Partner of EcoVadis, the leading provider of globally trusted business sustainability ratings. Next to six other European companies, The Terrace was selected as an approved partner to support businesses in using EcoVadis for their company and supply chain. In our 15 years of experience, The Terrace has grown on its value chain sustainability expertise. Now, EcoVadis helps to broaden this service, and we are looking forward to supporting more customers to assess and improve their own sustainability performance and to engage and collaborate with suppliers.

The importance of value chain sustainability

Value chains are key to overall environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts. 90% of GHG emissions are attributed to the value chains of companies, and 50-70% of a company’s costs are with their suppliers in the value chain. Upcoming European and national legislation and regulations, like the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD), are therefore specifically focused on supply chain sustainability.

EcoVadis - a tool for sustainable supply chains

EcoVadis helps to assess, monitor, and improve sustainability in value chain networks from upstream to downstream. More than 100,000 companies have assessed their impact in more than 175 countries, and more than 200 industries. With EcoVadis, companies can collaborate on sustainability with a common platform, universal scorecard, benchmarks and performance improvement tools. EcoVadis has a strong focus on companies’ supply chains, which is a crucial area of concern in upcoming legislation like the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD). By utilizing EcoVadis, companies can effectively engage with their suppliers to identify and address any potential negative impacts on human rights and the environment throughout their operations and value chain.

The Terrace is an EcoVadis partner

Sustainability assessments can be time consuming, overwhelming and do not deep dive into the important topics. As a strategy consulting agency, we help you to align the all-encompassing EcoVadis methodology with your ESG and maximize your performance in a practical way. The Terrace is experienced in working both on a leadership and management level, such as with procurement teams, to turn the insights into tangible supply chain actions. The Terrace has four team members that are officially recognized as Approved EcoVadis Consultants: Floris van Neer, Liliane van Heteren, Faye Lambley and Eva Schouten. They have been trained by EcoVadis to help you as a company to work with EcoVadis.

Our EcoVadis service

The Terrace helps companies that seek to go through the assessment for their company as well as companies that seek to integrate the methodology among suppliers across their value chain.


Companies that go through the EcoVadis Assessment, we support to:

1. Set up EcoVadis assessment in connection to your sustainability strategy

2. Understand EcoVadis methodology, complete assessment with needed documentation

3. Analyze your scorecard and define improvement areas

4. Implement sustainability improvements

5. Submit the assessment with necessary documentation


Companies that seek to assess their supply chain, we support to:

1. Select suppliers among full ecosystem based on supply chain risks and opportunities

2. Set up engagement, in line with your Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence approach

3. Help suppliers understand EcoVadis methodology, complete assessment with documentation

4. Analyze supplier scorecards and define follow-up and/or scale-up in the supply chain

5. Implement improvement and/or scale up to other suppliers


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