Driving ESG forward

Developing enviolo's sustainability strategy

Changing people’s lifestyles towards taking less trips in cars. Since 2022 we are working with enviolo, a producer of high-quality (e-)bicycle solutions with offices in the Netherlands and the United States. enviolo empowers bike manufacturers to build bikes which change people’s lifestyles towards taking less trips in cars. With this mission in mind, enviolo came to us to assess their overall sustainability performance and develop an ESG strategy. By working closely with their leadership and investors, we created a concrete, measurable ESG framework that aligns with enviolo’s current and envisioned role in the urban mobility community.

Setting the stage for creating an ESG strategy

Before defining what ESG direction you want to move in, you need to know your starting point. We determined enviolo’s starting point by creating a baseline of its ESG performance through a B Impact Assessment and a materiality assessment with key stakeholders, suppliers, and customers.  We then conducted a preliminary assessment of enviolo’s carbon footprint and the sustainability of its products. This contributed to a comprehensive overview of the ESG landscape that enviolo operates in.

“The Terrace has in depth knowledge of ESG and offers professional support in developing an ESG strategy”

David Korslund

External advisor of enviolo

Engaging stakeholders to define the ESG direction

To set enviolo’s ESG direction, we asked their employees, customers and suppliers what role in sustainable mobility they think enviolo should fulfill. Through a consultation and context analysis we identified what ESG topics are more specific to the mobility industry. This is an important step to make an ESG strategy practical and ready for implementation. Based on stakeholder needs, we selected ESG priority topics and outlined enviolo’s ESG strategy. Through several sessions with enviolo’s leadership and investors, we co-developed an ESG strategy with fitting priorities, clear objectives, and measurable performance targets.

Partner for positive change

ESG is the responsibility of all of us, and that requires coordination. To bring enviolo’s ESG strategy to life, we are helping enviolo implement ESG initiatives through supporting their internal teams. This way their functional departements and other teams are equipped and aligned on driving ESG forward at enviolo.

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